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About Us


We aspire to become the caretaker of God's most priceless gift to humanity that are children


Umang , a broad based collaborative community initiative to provide educational & vocational support to children with various disabilities and underprivileged children

About Umang

A few souls have gathered here with a reason. To dedicate their time, resources and skills in reaching out to special children in need and under Privileged children, irrespective of their caste, creed and status.

Umang has been giving services to children with various disabilities with the motive to help them move on in life with the means of providing education and self independence. Umang believes in providing all the resources to a child to support & direct their childhood in a leading way.


Umang strongly believes that differently-abled children can learn to lead a normal life if they have effective access to services like early identification, intervention, education, vocational training, employment opportunities and the availability of aids and appliances.

With this in mind, Umang set up its Special Unit in SundarVihar, PaschimVihar. This unit has been operational since 2008 and caters to children with various disabilities like Intellectual Disability, Learning Disability, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, ADD, Down Syndrome, Autism, Hearing and Speech & hearing Impaired.

About Us

Our Objective

  • To provide opportunities to differently abled children to involve them into respectable responsible citizens.
  • To evolve as a centre for experimentation and innovation in the field of education, care and protection of children.
  • To provide enabling environment and arrange for Pre Vocational, learning to disadvantaged children.
  • To facilitate career counseling and placement facilities for eligible students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

To provide opportunities to neglected children to evolve into respectable and responsible citizens;

  • To develop as a national resource and advocacy center for enabling positive application of policy and law in the field of welfare and protection of children;
  • To evolve as a center for experimentation and innovation in the field of care and protection of children;
  • To actively support national laws and international conventions that uphold the dignity and rights of the children;
  • To provide basic human rights to orphaned, destitute, run away, abandoned, street and working children;
  • To provide enabling environment and arrange for vocational and life skill training to disadvantaged children;
  • To garner financial assistance and provide sponsorships to children to pursue academics, sports, arts and any life skill.
  • To support and conduct research in the field of childcare and protection
  • To facilitate career counseling, employment counseling and placement facilities for legally eligible students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • To co-operate with other national and international organization with similar aims and objectives.


Umang provides quality education to children with special needs with an aim to provide holistic development to them. Various exposure visits, workshops, competitions, functions are organized in order to combine knowledge with fun as well as to develop the hidden talents of the students to facilitate their all over development. With constant efforts of our team, we have been successful in mainstreaming a number of students, who are now performing well in their respective schools. Our school team meets these students quite regularly in order to check the progress of thee students and to provide them essential support whenever necessary.


Various reports have revealed that a number of the school children are not able to read, write or perform basic studies. Thus, Umang took this initiatve to provide remedial classes to the such children to ensure improvement in the learning levels of these students to ensure improvement in the learning levels so that they are able to meet the necessary standards. The project aims at promoting education rather than rote learning for the all round development of the students.


Varied and interesting trips are organised for students over the year to familiarise them with the environment they live in. These trips are aimed at providing opportunities for the children to assimilate real life situations and to make their academic education functionally meaningful within their environment. Trips are therefore organised and paced in line with each group's academic, physical and vocational level.

Field visits include functional training at shops, post-offices, banks, bus stops, traffic squares, railway stations,metro stations, local vendors, restaurants, etc. Children at Umang Learning Centre also enjoy visits to parks, zoological gardens, amusement parks, circuses and museums.


Time to time Umang Society takes initiative to take its children participate in various types of cultural events like Grand Parents's Day, Sports Day, Diwali celebrations, Holi Celebrations involving the children in all sorts of activities from participating in the program to making props students are involved.

Meet our Backbones

We take pride in our professionally trained dedicated team who is committed to create an environment, which maximizes
the quality of learning.

  • Senior Counselor
  • Special Educators
  • Speech Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Vocational Counselors
  • Visiting Child Specialist

Do you find the following difficulties in your child:-

    • Emotionnal Difficulties
    • Adolescence Issues
    • Reading difficulties
    • Writing difficulties
    • Copying issues
    • Under confident
    • Low self esteem


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